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Putting brownfield sites on the map

The South West has the third lowest number of brownfield sites for potential housing, according to the National Housing Federation.

It says that there a total of 1,668 in the region, covering a total of 2,005 hectares.

Only the North East and the East Midlands have fewer numbers of sites. The figures were revealed in the NHF’s ‘Mapping Brownfield Land’ briefing of October last year.

In northern Dorset, it pinpoints 16 sites over 14 hectares with a potential for 473 properties compared to 49, 36 and 1,497 for western Dorset and 49, 23 and 1,291 for Weymouth & Portland.

The NHF has also created an interactive brownfield map to show where all the sites are nationwide.  It has based its figures on local planning authorities own registers.

You can see details of the ones for our areas here.

Brownfield sites have an important role to play in our aim to encourage 20,000 more homes built in northern, western and southern Dorset by 2033.

Development on the right sites will help create a good mix of good quality homes of all tenures whether they are brownfield plots or on other sites throughout the area.

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