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Southill,Opening Doors

Southill affordable housing scheme explained

A total of 31 affordable homes could be built if proposals go ahead for a site at Southill in Weymouth.

Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA), in partnership with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, is looking at redeveloping the site where Marchesi House is currently situated.

Recognising the housing needs of the area, they will be providing a blend of shared ownership and affordable rented properties.

Southill,Opening Doors

These will be comprised of the following properties:

13 x 1 bed flats (all affordable rented)

10 x 2 bed houses (5 affordable rented, 5 shared ownership)

8 x 3 bed houses (4 affordable rented, 4 shared ownership)

Recognising the sensitivity of this development in Southill, BCHA is working with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council to ensure a suitable Local Lettings Plan is placed on all properties to house carefully selected residents most suitable for the area.

Southill,Opening Doors

A formal planning application is being worked towards following an open day held at Southill Community Centre in May.

Further below are some useful Q&As based on local residents’ enquiries at and following the open day.

Southill,Opening Doors

These were circulated in the Southill area but in effort to ensure all get a chance to see them, so creating greater clarity, are reproduced here.

Further updates will be shared as development plans progress but anyone who wishes to know more can contact Felix Dyer at BCHA at felixdyer@bcha.org.uk  and on 01202 410500.

Question Answer
Physical Design
Have BCHA done a full emergency investigation taking into account road width with traffic in it? These measurements would be from Rowan Close to Sycamore Close. All road widths and the setting out of parking have been designed with full compliance to local authority and national standards.
What were the reasons for not providing road access to the site directly from Radipole Lane? Would this not have relieved the strain on the smaller Sycamore Rd and be easier for emergency vehicles? The change in level from this road into the site makes it very difficult to create a vehicle access. During initial discussions with the council a preference for an active frontage of houses was identified for this boundary of the site. In making this decision the surrounding road widths were tested and the design is fully compliant with local authority and national recommended standards.
The current location of the bin store is close to neighbouring properties.  Would it be possible to move it somewhere less intrusive? The location of the bin store will be reviewed.
With the 2 bed/3 bed properties being front facing onto Radipole Lane, how can it be assured that these residents will not park on this road rather than in their parking spaces within the redeveloped site? Residents will be provided with 2 secure parking spaces per property and it is anticipated that these spaces will be utilised due to both the safety and insurance benefits of this off road parking.


Parking restrictions on Radipole Lane could be requested from and imposed by the council. It will be considered further if this forms part of the planning application proposals or not.

The Planning Application Process
Has Planning and Policy Guidance 16 been considered?  Nearby residents do not want a “watching brief”, and a full investigation would be required and appropriate rescue archaeology undertaken. Planning Policy Guidance 16 (PPG16) sets out the Secretary of State’s policy on archaeological remains on land, and how they should be preserved or recorded both in an urban setting and in the countryside. It is not anticipated that there will be archaeological remains at the site but after further consultation with our planning consultant it will be decided if a full investigation is required.
Is a Section 106 Agreement attached to the development? A Section 106 agreement will be formally developed with Weymouth and Portland District Council once the planning application has been formally submitted to the planning department.
Housing Mix and Tenancies
Will local Weymouth residents have priority for housing on the new development? Priority for the new homes will be given to people with a connection to the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council area.
What type of tenancies will be offered to the residents? AST, Fixed Term, Starter, Assured? The tenancies will vary depending on the property type and individual customer’s situation and property type requested. BCHA will work with each customer to find both the most suitable property and tenancy associated with it for them.
Has the proposal to make the 1 bed flat complexes all affordable rented been fully thought through?  There are concerns that in some similar schemes in the area this concentration has led to an increased likelihood of neighbourly disagreement and incidents. Will extra housing management services be introduced if this is the case? We do not anticipate this being an issue. Mindful that this is a new development where sensitivity to the local area is required, WPBC will be looking to introduce a Local Lettings Plan on the site.  As such tenants placed within the flats will be carefully selected from the Dorset Home Choice Scheme. Within any tenancy agreement will be a code of conduct and stipulations over what constitutes unacceptable behaviour. Should these be violated then action will be taken.


All affordable renting customers will be assigned a BCHA housing officer who will both support and monitor their tenancy.  Should any issues arise BCHA operates a standard complaint service and if this involves anti-social behaviour then a multi-agency approach is adopted to address any situations.

The Physical Development Onsite and Local Impact
Will the redevelopment be hidden behind hoardings whilst it is being built? This will be assessed by the constructors if and when planning permission is granted.  Any decision on whether hoardings are erected will be based on statutory health safety requirements for the site.
If site access is to come via Rowan Rd, have the required size and turning circles of the required lorries and cranes for any redevelopment properly been considered? These issues will be heightened if cars are parked on Sycamore Rd. Full appraisals on site access will be undertaken prior to development. If there are access issues via Rowan Rd it may be that access to the site takes place from another point.
When development is taking place, where will building materials be dropped off? Can assurances be made it will be onsite and not on surrounding roads? As part of ongoing commitment to being part of  the Considerate Constructors scheme we will aim to ensure that all material drop off will take place within the boundaries of the development site, so causing less disturbance to neighbouring properties.
Will nearby residents be compensated for the dust/noise/inconvenience the redevelopment will cause for the 15-18 months it will take to complete it? Whilst acknowledging that by its very nature, any development works will alter the current local situation, it is intended that by working under the Considerate Constructor scheme the impact of the works will be minimalised.

There is no intention to offer blanket financial compensation to neighbouring residents but we will ensure measures are put in place to allow residents the opportunity to highlight any work practices that could be improved so as to lessen inconveniences and disturbances. In the unlikely event that local property is damaged in the course of the works we will make good on that.

What will BCHA do about internet connections? There is currently only one junction box in the area which will not cover all the existing properties and the proposed new development. When appointing an employer’s agent to undertake the development we will ensure that this issue is highlighted as an issue of concern and appropriate action is undertaken to ensure internet speeds in the area are not impacted.
Wessex Water are due to undertake some significant work in the local area shortly. Have they been made aware of the proposed redevelopment of Marchesi House site? Wessex Water have been notified of the proposed development.  Their planned work had been made with the awareness that a future development on the Marchesi House site may be possible.  The current proposed site plan has been submitted to them as an indicator of the possible size and number of units of the redevelopment.  Wessex Water have indicated that should this change any of their upcoming work plans they will notify us.
Household flooding has occurred in the past, in part due to culverts but also some issues relating to drainage.  Can assurances be made that any redevelopment takes this into account? This issue has been noted.  All water access services would need to be looked into as part of the planning process for a new development.  Given this historic issue particular attention will be paid to this issue, liaising with the relevant local services.
Community Engagement and Notification
Are there plans to hold an evening Open Showcase for those who are work during the day? BCHA’s intention had been for the event on 1st May to run into the evening so as to accommodate those working during the daytime.  Unfortunately, Southill Community Centre, where we held the event, has regular evening bookings throughout the week so this was not possible.  At this stage there is no immediate plans to hold an evening event but this may change as/if the development plans alter significantly.


In the meantime, for those who have questions or queries relating to the development, please contact Felix Dyer at felixdyer@bcha.org.uk or call 01202 410500.

Will BCHA keep us informed of progress in these developments? It is BCHA’s intention to be open and communicative with the local community both before, during and after any development takes place.


For questions and queries on the development Felix Dyer, Project Development Officer, is available to contact at felixdyer@bcha.org.uk or 01202 410500.


Periodically, when appropriate, we will continue to produce Q&A forms like this one as well as posters highlighting upcoming work.


We are signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme so that should any development take place, we will ensure that any disturbance to local residents is mitigated against as best as possible. This Considerate Constructors commitment also means we will ensure that residents are able to report any practical issues or concerns with any onsite development work practices easily and that these concerns will appropriately addressed.