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Construction sector needs 158,000 jobs between 2018 and 2022

A new report from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has painted a positive picture for the future of housebuilding.

The organisation, which works with employers to encourage training, forecasts that 158,000 construction jobs will be created nationwide between 2018 to 2022.

It also pinpointed housing as one of the biggest drivers of growth along with infrastructure in its newly published CITB Industry Insights –  Construction Skills Network Forecasts 2018-2022.

The encouraging figures show that for the UK:


Construction output will grow by 1.3% a year

158,000 construction jobs will be created

Housing output, both public and private, is expected to grow by 2.8% and 2.2% respectively

Infrastructure is due to grow by 3.1% – the biggest in the construction sector ahead of housing


In the regions, the South West is the leading the way along with the North West with annual growth of 2%.

With growing demand, it is crucial that there are enough qualified and skilled workers available.

The CITB says it is committed to helping construction employers deliver the pipeline of work faster, better and more efficiently.

It aims to ensure employers can access the high quality training their workforce needs as well as help the construction sector attract and retain new recruits, including its Go Construct  web portal showcasing all of the career opportunities available.

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The CITB also has a grants scheme which invests in the most needed skills and makes it easier for companies of all sizes to access funding. Visit CITB funding for more details.

By working with employers to encourage training, the CITB helps to build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce.

Its support helps the sector to improve skills, increase competitiveness and respond to challenges such as the low carbon agenda, reducing costs on site and recruiting the best talent.

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