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Our Journey so Far…why homes are so important

Opening Doors has been building solid foundations to tackle housing need in north, south and west Dorset.

Our programme – part of the council’s Accelerating Homebuilding initiative – has the overall target of encouraging 20,000 more homes in the area by 2033.

There are a number of different elements to the scheme and achievements so far – including the formation of the council owned Homes Dorset local housing company.

We’ve created a series of colourful graphics to show some of our successes so far and plans for the way ahead. We’ve posted the first here today.

Opening Doors wants to see good quality housing in the right areas to help more people into a home of their own – especially those young local workers who might otherwise be priced out of the housing market.

More decent homes of all types – for rent, open market purchase, affordable rent or buy, self-build or in community land trusts – in developments of different sizes are vital for the future of our towns and villages.

Some of the benefits include but are not limited to:


  1. more young people – especially professionals – staying in the area
  2. new life for our  towns and villages with young families
  3. funding support for vital infrastructure and community facilities, such as new schools, roads, play areas and health centres
  4. new residents with vital skills attracted to live and work in the area
  5. economic boost with more money in the local economy, job creation at new and existing businesses, greater spend and support for businesses and a ready labour pool for firms seeking to expand or relocate
  6. knock-on effects for local business and firms in the supply chain from construction
  7. more vibrant communities with a greater mix of ages and families
  8. Reputational enhancement and wellbeing of communities with greater facilities, growing businesses and vibrant town centres – stronger community spirit
  9. homes which key workers and local people can afford
  10. new blood with fresh ideas for organisations such as councils, residents’ associations and business groups
  11. protection of our areas by taking greater control of housing development
  12. helping the next generations take a stake in the community and prosper


There are plenty more. Please do read through our first graphic and don’t forget to sign our Home Ownership Register if you are seeking to rent or buy in north, south and west Dorset.