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Out now: updated housing dashboards

We’ve updated our housing dashboards showing vital information about homes in north, south and west Dorset.

The two new graphics reveal that house prices and affordability ratios have risen, with the average price of a home in Dorset now standing at £326,384.

In North Dorset is is £296,770, in West Dorset it is £320,042 and in Weymouth & Portland it is £235,040.

The figures are based on updated statistics from the National Housing Federation. They also include updated figures for rents, mortgage and wages.

They show just how difficult it continues to be for some people to get onto the property ladder, with homes costing 13 times the average salary in some areas.

At Opening Doors we are encouraging the construction of 20,000 more good quality homes by 2033 to address the persistent undersupply of housing in north, south and west Dorset over the years.

This much-needed housing is required across the board, whether it is open market, for rent or purchase, or as affordable housing

Building enough decent housing can only help our local economy grow and communities prosper.

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You can download our last housing dashboards from our Home Truths pages where they are positioned at the bottoms of sections about ‘facts and figures’ and ‘housing numbers’.