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Home Ownership Register newsletter out now

The latest Opening Doors Home Ownership Register newsletter is hot off the press.

The Winter edition of our e-shot has been winging its way to mailboxes of all signatories on our Home Ownership Register.

It includes stories about our new Affordable Housing Masterlist as well as details of homes in the pipeline following the latest approvals for planning applications in north, south and west Dorset.

Our Home Ownership Register aims to help people seeking to buy or rent in the area, whether it is open market or affordable housing.

We’ll also use insights from the data to better push for the type of housing required in the area as we try to encourage the construction of 20,000 more good quality homes by 2033.

Sign up to our Home Ownership Register here or email info@openingdoorsdorset.co.uk if you have signed up in the past couple of days and haven’t received a copy of the Winter edition.

The more people who sign up, the more people we can help – and, crucially, use statistics as evidence in our campaign for more housing in the area.

  • Our Home Ownership Register newsletter is different to our more Opening Doors mailshots, which also come out quarterly and feature more general news about new homes and housing in the area. Click here to sign up.