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Count on Opening Doors

Some figures from Opening Doors:

£2million – funding gained from the Government for community land trusts

£4m – cash injection in to the council’s new Homes Dorset housing company

15 – number of community land trusts in West Dorset, making it one of the most active areas in the UK

£8.4 – the amount of preliminary funding gained from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund

1,164 – total number of affordable homes for rent or low cost purchase being built or in the pipeline in north, south and west Dorset as of the end of 2018

£9m – Government grants attracted or in the pipeline for affordable housing schemes by housing associations/developers as of the end of 2018

They feature on our latest graphic about the Opening Doors programme to tackle housing need in north, south and west Dorset.

Our programme – part of the council’s Accelerating Homebuilding initiative – has the overall target of encouraging 20,000 more homes in the area by 2033.

There are a number of different elements to the scheme and achievements so far – including the formation of the council owned Homes Dorset local housing company.

We’ve created a series of colourful graphics to show some of our successes so far and plans for the way ahead. The second is posted here today.

Opening Doors wants to see good quality housing in the right areas to help more people into a home of their own – especially those young local workers who might otherwise be priced out of the housing market.

More decent homes of all types – for rent, open market purchase, affordable rent or buy, self-build or in community land trusts – in developments of different sizes are vital for the future of our towns and villages.

Please do read through this graphic and our first one here, and don’t forget to sign our Home Ownership Register if you are seeking to rent or buy in north, south and west Dorset.