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All Systems go for Bridport Cohousing

It all started back in 2008 when the idea of building a cohousing scheme for Bridport  came into being and a group of local people from the town got together to hatch a plan and with the encouragement of West Dorset District Council (now Dorset Council),  Oliver Letwin, (local MP) and a small group of housing professionals.

It took several  more years for the concept of building much needed affordable housing for people  born and raised in an area where house prices had been forced out of their hands, and  the idea of becoming a Community Land Trust took root.

Bridport Cohousing CLT, with the support of Dorset Council, Homes England and their  partner housing association, Bournemouth Churches is now set to build 53 all  affordable eco homes – ​the largest cohousing project of its kind in the UK​.

Councillor Graham Carr-Jones, Dorset  Council Portfolio Holder for Housing and Community Safety,  praised the foresight of the Bridport group for setting up a community land trust to get the project off the ground and for raising £250,000 from community loans to buy the site. He told a recent cabinet meeting. “​This is seen as an innovative approach, it is a ground-breaking development. Once again,  this is Dorset leading the way”.

The eleven year journey has not been easy. As with most community-led projects there  was a huge amount of work to be done to navigate the planning system and to get  funding into place before anything could be built. The members have been within reach  of getting their homes built several times, only for delays to dash their hopes, but their  resilience and the indefatigable perseverance of their professional adviser, Charles  Couzens of EcosMcLean has finally enabled a successful outcome. Because of the timing, they were able to take advantage of grant funding available from the government. Dorset Council agreed to enter into a contract with Homes England for  a grant towards the infrastructure costs of the project (a grant had earlier been given  towards the land purchase) and a grant from Homes England has now been paid  directly to their partner housing association, Bournemouth Churches, who will soon  instruct local builder CG Fry to start infrastructure work on the site.

Helen Bone, Growth Manager for Homes England said, “We’re really pleased to be able to support this scheme. It’s been great to see how the  community has come together to take the lead and progress this development. Community Housing offers a way for local people to take an active role in shaping their  communities, and this scheme is a great example of this.”

Twenty six of the 1 bed flats and 2,3 and 4 bedroom houses will be for social rent  through the housing association. Twenty seven of them will be of leasehold purchase either at 80% of market value or through Help To Buy South, and available from 25% – 75% market value. Bridport Cohousing is the freeholder of the land and, because  the highest rate of purchasing a home is 80% and there is no ‘right to buy’ on the rented  homes, this will ensure affordability for generations to come.  The build will be to AECB Silver Standard (almost Passivhaus), highly insulated and with  solar panels linked into an on site microgrid with batteries, giving low priced energy to  this all electric site. As with most cohousing projects there will be a common house  providing shared resources such as a dining and socialising space with kitchen,  children’s playroom, office space and laundry facilities and the residents here are also  extremely fortunate to have a two acre green space for food growing and leisure  activities. Parking around the perimeter of the development will be made available to  residents to help keep the main streets car free, providing safe space for children to  play in.

Bridport Cohousing has a Local Lettings Policy in place which ensures that the homes  will be allocated fairly and transparently with an eye on diversity and being local to the  area. Off-plan sales of the leasehold properties is being taken up at the present time  and the rental properties will be advertised through Dorset Homechoice in due course. One of the benefits of the scheme having taken so long is that it has enabled a strong  bond to grow between members, some of whom have been there from the start. There  is a robust membership process and regular ‘’Meet The Neighbours’’ events are held  most weeks in and around the town. These can be walks or sessions in local cafes or  pubs, which enable curious enquirers, potential new members and established  members to meet up, ask questions and get to know each other, ensuring a high level of  mutual trust and understanding even before they move onto their site, which will be  called ‘’Hazelmead.’’

One of Bridport Cohousing’s newer members who is hoping to buy a 3 bed house with Help to Buy says “​The Cohousing Project has given me and my family a tangible sense of hope for a  sustainable (secure, ecological and affordable) future in Bridport, the town we live, work  and raise our family. I have found the community warm, welcoming and respectful of all  our varying needs and desires for the future. I look forward to my children having both  freedom and a voice in the way they live and to find a supportive and actively engaging  home which we all invest ourselves in.”

You can find out more about the 53 home development here.