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About Opening Doors

We are seizing the initiative to encourage the development of more homes in North Dorset, Purbeck, East Dorset, West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland.

Our action plan includes:

  • Working more closely with major developers to persuade them to follow schemes in our area – showing them that there is demand for homes here
  • Encouraging SME builders to become more active
  • Supporting community land trusts – we have won £2m of funding from the Government to support these ‘bottom up’ developments
  • Seeing more schemes with planning permission actually built
  • Helping stalled schemes progress – including through applications for government funding
  • Working with housing associations and providers on new schemes
  • Launching a Home Ownership Register to help prospective buyers and renters find a property
  • Identifying all brownfield sites for development
  • Talking to landowners and agents about potential sites
  • Promoting and supporting people who wish self-build their own home
  • Considering joint ventures with developers or partners
  • Exploring the potential for our own local authority housing development company to build our own homes and give us more control although this would not build all 20,000 homes in our 2033 target
  • Considering the use of council assets or purchase of land for development


We appreciate there are genuine concerns about development – including infrastructure and the environment – so the community will also be regularly updated about progress and consultation held about major developments.

We welcome the involvement of individuals, groups, businesses and organisations who want to contribute to the programme in any way.

Our goal is to offer the greatest encouragement and support to help developers, builders and communities build the homes which we need to make sure our council areas continue thrive and grow.