Making Home Ownership a Reality

New homes are essential for the future growth, prosperity and vitality of our communities.

Like many other areas, we are facing major housing shortages with rising demand for homes outstripping supply.

Our council has launched the Opening Doors programme to help meet this need through a range of different measures to stimulate housebuilding.

We are encouraging housebuilders of all sizes, developers, housing associations, community land trusts and others to build more quality homes of all types – including rent, open market and affordable properties.

The aim is to bring more homes within reach of more people and more quickly. Our overall target is to see a total of 20,000 new homes built by developers, house builders and others in our area by 2033, with construction encouraged in the right locations to balance the need for homes with respect for our special environment.

We want to hear from anyone who can help. You can also Sign up to our Home Ownership Register and newsletter to be the first to hear about the latest developments – and find out more about initiatives under the Opening Doors programme on this website.

AHB empty propertes news story

Do you know of a property lying empty? It is estimated that there about 600 empty homes in Dorset, which could be used for much needed housing.

Dorset Council is able to help bring back these properties into use and prevent them from becoming a blight on communities.

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